Inventory Management & Fulfillment Optimized for Shopify Plus

Ecommerce and Fulfillment Designed For Scale

ShipHero is optimized for Shopify Plus

“We've been using ShipHero for over 2 years now and we can't imagine running our warehouse without it now. ShipHero have increased our pick & pack efficiency and allowed us to easily scale and grow our business.”

Derek SheenFounder & CEO

Yellow Octopus  |  ShipHero Customer Since 2017

Connecting Your Shopify Store Is a Snap

ShipHero makes connecting and syncing with your Shopify and Shopify Plus store easy and quick.

Connecting your Shopify Store to ShipHero

Connect. Sync. Control.

It takes seconds to connect your Shopify store to ShipHero, with a direct integration that brings together your ecommerce channel and wms platform. Once connected, ShipHero will automatically retrieve your products and load orders as they are placed.

True Multi-Channel Ecommerce

Connect your stores – no matter the number and not just Shopify. ShipHero will synchronize your products across your connected stores, giving you complete control of how your inventory and orders are handled across your ecommerce channels. No code required.

Always Accurate Inventory

ShipHero communicates inventory adjustments as they occur, and not just from Shopify orders.

Correct Inventory Means You Sell What You Have

You don’t want to oversell, and you don’t want to undersell. ShipHero inventory management has you covered, and because inventory adjustments are published to your connected Shopify Stores, you only sell what you want to sell.

Inventory Is More Than Orders

ShipHero provides a deep set of inventory management features that give you complete control of how you run your business. Configure ShipHero to manage inventory based on your rules. You have the flexibility to create warehouses for different Shopify stores, as well as the rules on what inventory can be available for any connected store. ShipHero is an enterprise level WMS platform that can be configured for advanced multi-channel, multi-warehouse operations.

ShipHero Inventory Syncs with Shopify as Changes Happen

Shopify Plus + ShipHero = Growth

ShipHero simplifies and automates manual tasks, reducing the steps needed to run a tight operation.

Shopify and ShipHero will boost your productivity and allow you to grow your business

If you make it easier, you will win.

Shopify Plus gives you enterprise level ecommerce capabilities, without the enterprise level fuss and complication. ShipHero approaches running your warehouse and fulfillment process in exactly the same way. Easy to use web based tools and beautifully designed, optimized mobile tools means your team will get more done in less time, while making less mistakes.

Better tools and maybe a better roboto.

Automation rules means you can eliminate all those manual tasks that get in the way of your growth. Let ShipHero figure out the best shipping method, order priority or path for your pickers to take when fetching orders. With ShipHero doing the thinking, you and your team can focus on your customers and optimized operations. Less time doing the little things and more time doing the roboto.

Ship from Desktop or Mobile

Anyone on your team can ship orders using the desktop browser tool or mobile app.

Easy to use. No confusion.

ShipHero simplifies a typically complicated process so that fewer mistakes are made. Picking orders? ShipHero shows workers where to go and what items to pick. Packing orders? ShipHero displays the orders and prints the shipping label. The processes are clear so that there is no confusion.

Customizeable to your needs.

ShipHero provides multiple solutions for various warehouse and fulfillment challenges. Why? Because the same solution doesn’t work for everyone. Ecommerce companies need a variety of options to address similar problems. A larger business might prefer using the desktop browser packing app for multiple packing stations, while a smaller warehouse might just need one iPad for bulk shipping labels. ShipHero is flexible enough to meet your requirements, while our solutions team can help you determine and utilize the best optimizations for your unique needs.

Mobile order picking and packing with ShipHero Mobile

Batch picking for lightning-fast fulfillment that's correct

Access the technology that top warehouses use for accuracy and speed.

Choose the way you ship.

ShipHero batch picking vastly improves the way that you fetch items for orders. You determine how many orders are grouped into a batch. ShipHero organizes orders in a batch based on priority, required ship date, and optimal picking route.

Improve your team’s productivity.

Productivity is a result of focus and clear workflow. ShipHero makes this happen by providing clear instructions to your pickers and packers.

Unlock your teams potential

Smarter insights on your team’s activity helps you run a more efficient business.

You’re as smart as the information you keep.

Know who your star performers are and access tools to accurately measure the productivity of your team.

Know where your errors are.

No one’s perfect and mistakes will be made. Know who makes them and why. Was barcode scanning skipped? Was there an incorrect item shipped? Discover how that uncommon mistake happened, and figure out how to stop it from recurring.

Know exactly how many orders are picked and packed by your team members