Order management designed to make you faster with less stress.

You should be celebrating more orders, not dreading it. With simple automation and an optimized team, you will ship more with less hassle.

Intelligent order management makes it easier to prioritize and ship orders.

Access an extensive set of features built to eliminate multiple apps and spreadsheets.

1. Let’s start with where your orders are placed

Orders are loaded into ShipHero as they are created across your sales channels. Orders can also be uploaded, created directly within ShipHero and via the API.

2. How your orders are handled and prioritized


With warehouse order routing, your orders will be automatically assigned to any number of locations as soon as they come in.


Orders can be put on hold or flagged for inspection based on rules you define, along with address validation and fraud detection.


Want to set a box? Add a SKU? Special instructions for the packer? Priority shipment? Intelligent automation rules make this easy.

"Our warehouse used to be what held us back. Once we switched over to ShipHero we knocked out 700 orders in our first day."

Jake, Operations Lead, VP of The ZigZag Stripe

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3. How your team processes orders

With automation rules in place, your team doesn’t lose time figuring things out or making decisions. Simply log into the mobile app and go pick.

Not all orders are fulfilled the same way. Custom workflows allow full control of how you handle every order.


Automation rules mean you can prioritize orders on any number of conditions. Priorities can also be shifted on the fly.

Ship Date

Never have a late shipment again. ShipHero figures out the required ship date based on assigned ship methods.

Order Treatment

Make every customer feel special – first time customer? repeat customer? VIP customer? Automatically personalize each order.

4. How you’re optimizing every shipping label

ShipHero is integrated directly with shipping carriers and carrier hubs such as Shippo and WebShipper.
Take advantage of the built-in cheapest label shopper features, as well as direct shipping method mapping, international customs generation and returns label generation without leaving ShipHero.

"Since switching to ShipHero, we've reduced our fully-loaded costs by 35%. At the volumes we move, that's huge."

Brittany Stewart, Founder, COO of BURST

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5. Finally, shipping those orders out, quickly, accurately.

Unlock Your Shippers

Supercharge your packers with super easy software, barcode scanning and clear instructions. Speed & accuracy, check.

Shipment Notification

Seamless packing slip and shipping label printing with the scan of a barcode. Shipping information is sent back to the store as soon as the label is generated.

Track Every Shipment

Multiple box shipments happen, and ShipHero keeps track of every item packed into every box.

Comprehensive order management means you can do more with less

Automation Rules

Automation rules are your order management superpower. From setting boxes, adding SKUs, assigning shipping methods and more.

Address Validation

Built-in USPS address validation checks every order,  auto-correction and address holds make it easy to address issues quickly.

Order Merge

Easily identify and merge orders that are shipping to the same address, saving on shipping costs and processing time.

Ready to Ship

Pickers & Packers only see the orders ready to ship, avoiding the distraction of orders on hold or back-ordered orders.

CSV Upload

Upload orders in bulk using a simple CSV file, with downloadable templates.

Bulk Shipping

Print shipping labels and packing slips in bulk when typical pick & pack is not required. Popular with subscription box orders.

Open API

Create and update orders directly using the open GraphQL API, collaborate with other developers in our community.

Logs & Reporting

Every order change is logged, along with who, when, and why. Reporting provides insight into how the team is performing.

You'll be in good company.

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