Reports designed to save you time and understand whats really happening.

Unlock real insight into your fulfillment operations, products, shipments and returns.

Data reporting that captures every element of your ongoing warehouse operations.

Bringing together the functions of your warehouse into a single system makes it easier to get to the data you need in a single place.

Know more about your products, historically…

Inventory Change Log

Every inventory change is logged. Know what changed, why, when and by whom.

Inventory Value Report

Review the total quantity and value of your inventory, right now, or by each month.

Cost of Goods Report

Understand the product profitability across any given date period.

Inventory Variance Report

Understand the actual quantity amounts of your inventory by any given date period.

Sales by SKU Report

Quickly view product sales in each of your warehouses, with estimated time to sell based on historical sales velocity.

Stale Inventory Report

Need to know the slow movers? Quickly identify products that might be sitting around and what to do about it.

and in the future with inventory forecasting.

For inventory forecasting capabilities, ShipHero is directly integrated with Inventory Planner.

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Replenishment Report

Quickly identify inventory bins that are running low or are empty and replenish products.

Serial Number Report

Individual products can be set to require a serial number log when shipped.

Lots Report

Track inventory lots and expiration. Manage FEFO & FIFO workflows.

Packer Error Report

Mistakes happen, no one is perfect. Understand why they’re happening.

Operational reports built for warehouse efficiency

Day to day actionable reporting that keeps the team insync and organized.

Shipments reporting that provide actionable insight.

What are the actual shipping costs? How does this compare to the shipping margin and charges for customers?
Shipments Report

Every shipping label, for every order, showing shipping cost and shipping charges.

Shipped Items Report

Filter in detail what items have been shipping across orders.

Picker Report

Every pick is logged. Review daily performance, including number of unique items picked.

Packer Report

Just as important to picking, know how your shipping team are performing.

Know how your team members are performing.

Using the built-in picker & packer reports, you can measure each team member’s and identify your star-performers.

"Since switching to ShipHero, we've reduced our fully-loaded costs by 35%. At the volumes we move, that's huge."

Brittany Stewart, Founder, COO of BURST

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