Better shipping rates for every order you ship, including returns.

We’ve directly integrated across shipping carriers to bring you cheaper and smarter labels.

Shipping options built to deliver efficiencies that a label generator won’t give you.

Connect your shipping carriers directly and use your negotiated rates or take advantage of ours (where available). Set rules for shipments, use the built-in rate shopper for cheapest, and with the shipments report, know where you can optimize further.

Multi-carrier integrations give you the power to ship how you want.

No loading another app, shipping quoting and label generation are a seamless function of shipping an order.

Smarter shipping labels that go beyond just rate shopping.

Automation Rules

Your team will quickly get up to speed and master an app that avoids the clutter and brings focus.

Mult-Carrier Logic

Cheapest label rules find the cheapest shipping method across carriers so you’re always getting the best label.

What’s in the Box

Every item packed is recorded, with multi-box shipments, know what’s shipped in every box.

"Since switching to ShipHero, we've reduced our fully-loaded costs by 35%. At the volumes we move, that's huge."

Brittany Stewart, Founder, COO of BURST

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Shipping with the bigger picture

Get the best rates for each shipping label, generate customs documents, manifests & track spending.
Shipment Tracking

Tracking information is automatically sent to let customers know when their order has been shipped.

Manifest Generation

Less grumbling from the carrier or driver with generated manifests.

Live Rate Quoting

Get the cheapest rates across carriers for each order.

International Shipping

Generated customs forms & documentation is sent to the shipping carrier.


Print return labels to included with the order, or set the rules for customers to generate returns labels online.


Track shipping costs & use this to optimize which methods & carriers you’re using.

"Our warehouse used to be what held us back. Once we switched over to ShipHero we knocked out 700 orders in our first day."

Jake, Operations Lead, VP of The ZigZag Stripe

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Multi-item Batch Picking

Supercharge your packers with super easy software, barcode scanning and clear instructions. Speed & accuracy, check.

Multi-item Batch Packing

Seamless packing slip and shipping label printing with the scan of a barcode. Shipping information is sent back to the store as soon as the label is generated.

Kitting & Kit Picking

Multiple box shipments happen, and ShipHero keeps track of every item packed into every box.

You'll be in good company.

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