Latest Updates

& Notifications

4/16/2018 @ 6:08pm

• The ability to bulk delete locations

• Ability for a 3PL warehouse to choose their client’s Primary warehouse when creating internal returns

• Added in Shipping Method as a filter on the Manage Orders page

• Added in Created Date to the Pending Shipments page

• Include box weight when doing bulk ship

• Multiply the product weight by the quantity entered in “Filter By Quantity” on the Bulk Ship page

• The ability to view old bulk ship batches. This can be found on the Bulk Ship page

• DHL Express Intra European services are now available


3/21/2018 @ 2:03pm

• Made a change so that manifest generation will point to different urls based on the carrier

• Added in a Webshipr 2.0 connect form and an option to Sync Services for Webshipr 2.0

• Fixed an issue when packing a single item into multiple packages, the last package would contain the wrong quantity

• Fixed an issue where the weight of the package was not auto-calculating when packing/unpacking items

• If a user has the new printer app installed on their computer, clicking the stations icon will direct them to

1/29/2018 @ 4:03pm

  • When someone cancels an item in a PO, and then re-adds it, the latest product name will be displayed.
  • Using the product search will now pull name, SKU, price, value and large thumbnail.
  • Transfer orders will use the value of a product.
  • Fixed an issue to correct timezone for order date on orders.

1/20/2018 @ 2:27pm

• Fixed an issue where trying to delete an automation rule action failed if a text input value existed.

• Fixed an issue where the store dropdown was not working on the Products Index page for ShipHero 3PL customers.

• Bulk Editing product tags update resolves an issue where some tags would not be applied.

1/8/2018 @ 1:32pm

• Improved performance of UPS, FedEx & Endicia quoting and label cost updates when used on Dashboard and iPad XL app.

1/3/2018 @ 10:19am

• Fixed an issue with FedEx quoting on internal returns

• Update to improve performance and error handling for bulk shipping when updating more than 100.

1/2/2018 @ 12:41pm

Fixed an issue where duplicate labels are printed. New version can be downloaded by checking updates within the app.

12/22/2017 @ 6:22pm

  • Add Amazon/Japan developer numbers to the connect Amazon form.
  • Add in a form to the Billing page allowing customers to request an account cancelation.
  • Add in some help details explaining why an order is not ready to ship, and a help detail explaining that orders will not reprocess if it’s locked by a user.
  • Fixed an issue where uploading an image to a product that has a SKU of “0” was throwing an error.
  • Added in endpoints so when a person adds or deletes an API key, it will make a request to AWS and add/delete the key there too.