Not all heroes wear capes.

Meet the shipheroes behind ShipHero.

Aaron Rubin

Aaron is co-founder & CEO, breakout star of "How to Make a Warehouse" on Youtube, counts the beans.

Nicholas Daniel-Richards

Nicholas is co-founder, a bit of an awkward bloke, loves the Queen's hat collection.

John Wakim

John takes care of digital marketing, loves talking on mute in meetings, has never bought anything on ebay.

Yosef Haas

Yosef does a little of this, a little of that, but mostly tries to help customers succeed!

Maggie Barnett


Brett Oliveira

Sales - SaaS

Kevin Pascual

Kevin handles onboarding to the ShipHero platform.

Daniela Montaperto

Dani handles design & UX. Wonders when she can go outside again.

Danno Starc

Danno handles analytics, he is a car fanatic and our resident influencer. Like and subscribe.

Javi Lorenzana

Javi handles back-end and solutions engineering, would not be caught dead in ankle-high white cotton socks.

Marty Rodowsky

Marty handles customer solutions, lives in the future down under.

Jen Williams

Director of Customer Success

Matt Dickman

Senior Solutions Specialist