Looking for a Stitch Labs alternative?

The WMS Upgrade For Stitch Labs Customers

Don’t just migrate, upgrade. ShipHero is the best Stitch Labs replacement software option with comparable features and better capabilities.

We’ve helped many customers migrate

Our solutions team has worked with multiple brands who have switched from Stitch Labs to ShipHero. With free onboarding, our 3 step process will make switching over easy and fast.

Review your existing operations and setup

Import existing inventory and product data

In-depth training for you and your team

ShipHero vs Stitch Labs

Stitch Labs

Annual contracts
Primarily North America
Windows, Mac & web-based applications
Specializes in small to medium sized businesses
End of life


No Contract, Month to Month
Americas, Europe, Africa & Middle East, APAC
Native iPhone & iPad apps & web-based desktop app
Scale from small business to large to enterprises
We're not going anywhere

“Moving from our legacy system to ShipHero was seamless.”

Ross Epperly, COO of Sauceda Industries

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Comprehensive features designed to simplify operations

ShipHero gives you all the features to master inventory, orders, shipping, returns and more. Access your operations from anywhere you are using our custom web platform and native iPhone and iPad apps.

Lot & Expiration

Set expiration on inventory lots, manage FEFO & FIFO rules.


Use automation to conditionally to set boxes, order priority, add items to an order etc


Conditional warehouse routing makes shipping from multiple locations easy.


Create, print and scan barcodes on SKUs, locations, boxes and packing stations.

Built for Scale

Our customers have shipped over $2.5 billion of orders this past year, we are built for your scale.


Cover post-purchase experience with customer self-service returns & returns management.

Open API

Quickly integrate anything using our GraphQL API, with developer community.

Responsive Support

Setup & Training are complimentary, backed by a knowledgeable and responsive support team.

Migration doesn’t have to be a ship show.

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