Shopocalypse: Rise of the Returns

Ah yes. The instant dopamine rush of seeing your name on that big, brown package sitting on your doorstep. You pick up the box and scurry inside, grab your trusty pair of scissors, open the box and… it’s not what you ordered. Dang. Is there a bigger frustration in the shopping experience than having to return an item? Long lines, obscure policies, unhelpful employees, and where the heck did you put that receipt? And that’s…
October 7, 2020

Cyber Monday 2018: Which Carriers Shipped the Most & Where it Went

Every year, consumers drag themselves out of a post-Thanksgiving stupor to hit the stores for Black Friday. With some stores now opening as early as noon on Thursday and offering online promotions through the following Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving has become one of the biggest commercial holidays of the year. According to Amazon, the five shopping days starting with Thanksgiving itself, nicknamed the “Turkey 5,” broke U.S. records this year with consumers purchasing millions more products…
December 4, 2018
Best PracticesShipping

How To Compete with Amazon Shipping (and Win) – our tips featured on Startup Nation

Originally featured on Startup Nation Although it may seem like ages ago, many of us remember what an ordeal it was to order products that were unavailable in our local stores. Back then, free shipping wasn’t a thing. Two-day shipping was exorbitantly expensive and reserved for nearly-forgotten birthday presents for the notoriously hard-to-please grandma. And if we needed pedestrian items like lightbulbs or toothbrushes, we would pencil in an immediate trip to Walmart. Fast forward…
April 17, 2018