How merchandise logistics effect politics

Political Merchandise: A Logistical Triumph Merchandise: the capitalistic solution for our innate human need to signal our fandom and find our tribe. Who doesn’t own a jersey from our coveted hometown or college sports team, or maybe you bought a t-shirt from your favorite performer? And now that presidential hopefuls act more like rockstars than politicians, political merchandise has infiltrated the United States’ presidential elections in a major way. From mugs to fly swatters to…
October 19, 2020

Need some last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas? We’ve got you covered

Mother's Day has a way of sneaking up on us every year - it is situated in the no-man's-land between St. Patrick's Day and Memorial Day, after all. But, if your mom has been less than impressed with your previous offerings (if you are guilty of gifting office supplies, raise your hand), then you might need a little help. Thankfully, we have a short list for you featuring some mom-approved gifts from a few of…
May 7, 2018