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The Packet - Suez Canal Blockage

The Suez Colonic, Just Sue It.

Suez Colonic After tireless digging and tugging, the mega-ton blockage that has been constipating global trade for the past six days has finally been cleared from the Suez Canal. The

Ode DeJoy, Titanic 2 …

Front and Center Ode DeJoy Postmaster General Louis DeJoy announced on Tuesday the 10-year plan for making necessary improvements to the USPS, including making delivery times… longer? Well, at least

St. Paddy’s Day, LAB MADE BABES…

Front and Center Hey theEre Packeteers,  Happy FRiday from your hmble Packet writer! Did yuu take it easy this Saint Pattyricks’s day like I did?! Yuu celebrating Saint Josepph’s tooday?

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